New Delhi: The United States has apparently told Pakistan that if the country does not act against the terrorist groups thriving under the government, it will not hesitate to act alone to eradicate the menace.

With Pakistan receiving heavy criticism after the Uri attack, India has trained its guns on Pakistan and has repeatedly said that it will isolate Pakistan if it continues to support state-funded terrorism.

While speaking to reporters, Adam Szubin, acting under secretary on Countering the Financing of Terrorism, said, “The problem is that there are forces within the Pakistani government — specifically in Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI — that refuse to take similar steps against all the terrorist groups active in Pakistan, tolerating some groups — or even worse.”

“We continue to urge our partners in Pakistan to go after all terrorist networks operating in their country. We stand ready to help them. But there should be no doubt that while we remain committed to working with Pakistan to confront ongoing terrorist financing and operations, the US will not hesitate to act alone, when necessary, to disrupt and destroy these networks,” Szubin reiterated.

Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has repeatedly been criticised for not taking adequate actions against intels as terrorist organisations run rampant across the region. The secretary said that the ISI problem of supporting terrorist groups still continues.