Baghdad: Iraqi forces have entered the last remaining stronghold of the Islamic State in Syria after it was reported that the Iraqi forces had reached the outskirts of Mosul. 

The battle for reclamation of Mosul from IS will take months where the forces expect that civilian casualties will be heavy. 

Hundreds of Counter-Terrorism Service (CTS) troops entered Bazwaya, the last village before the city boundary, after launching a dawn assault on Monday, BBC reported.

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A BBC correspondent travelling with them said there was some resistance, with car bombs targeting the convoy.

Earlier, the military announced the start of an operation to retake the part of Mosul east of the River Tigris, which flows through the city.

Hundreds of troops in heavily-armoured Humvees, together with tanks and bulldozers, advanced on the village, supported by US-led coalition air strikes, our correspondent adds.