New York: Ahead of the world’s oldest democracy’s Presidential elections where stakes for both the Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are high, NewsX spoke to its citizens about who they were going to support and why. The replies were colourful to say the least, as is evident from this ‘Trump lovin cowboy’ giving his 2 cents on the topic.
Speaking in the favour of Donald J Trump, the dressed-in-undies ‘cowboy’ supporter said, “Donald is making America first which is Number One priority. He is the only one running for the job which is to protect border and its citizens.”
The Trump supporter added, “Donald is a wonderful person of character. Yes, we all have done stupid things in life but this is a man who gets the job done.”
“Donald Trump is a businessman and his instinct will be to run the country and its bureaucracy. Even if he would have no character, it doesn’t matter. Men like him and egos like his, we do what we say we are going to do,” the man with Trump’s name on his behind added.