Maryland: While the United States of America will be voting soon to elect their next President, NewsX spoke to the millennials in US who shared what they feel about the candidates and the election campaign.
Speaking about the election campaign so far, one of the student said, “This time the elections is kind of a bit crazy as neither of the candidates have really shown or represented being great Presidents. Candidates in each debate were fighting about the same exact things or lashing out at each other.”
“I don’t think that the candidates have given us clear representation of what they want for our country and what they are going to change in this nation.” 
Speaking about the elections, another student Noa said, “It’s sad that some topics have not been discussed until the third debate. All the time was wasted on attacking one another. Instead of attacking each other, they should have talked about real issues.”
“During the debate, instead of telling the people in America why they would make themselves a good President, the candidates were saying why the other person would be bad,” said Abbi.