New Delhi: A video of a penguin returning home to be back with his wife has gone insanely viral on social media due to the dramatic – and apparently realistic portrayal of human relationships – scene that ensues after he finds that his wife has settled with another penguin.

In a 3-minute video titled ‘Animal Fight Night: Homewrecking Penguin’ uploaded by the National Geographic channel, the husband penguin returns home from the sea, only to find that the love of his life has chosen to forsake him.



But the husband does not take this change lightly; and what ensues is a bitter, tense and a humiliating fight between the two penguins where the husband is shown the dust by the stronger and more virile penguin. On top of that, the loss for the husband is evidently made worse and humiliating when the wife picks her new lover instead of her husband.

Too primal, or too real?