Washington DC: Now with just only 48 hours left before America chooses its 45th President, with Hillary Clinton’s polling lead over Donald Trump narrowing significantly in recent days, NewsX caught up with the voters at Washington DC.

The record of early voting numbers has shown that most of the Americans have already made up their minds but still there are no indications of who will win the race to the White House.

Keeping us up to date on the US Presidential Elections 2016 is NewsX’s Foreign Affairs Editor Geeta Mohan LIVE from the US. Here is a ground report where she spoke to the voters about Hillary and Trump to know who of the two would win their vote.

When asked, who do they think deserves more to take the office, Hillary Clinton was the name that came out in no time. She is the right person for the position the voters further added.

“We need Hillary Clinton at the present time because she is for the people and not for one people but for all the people,” said one of the voters present there.

Over 35 million voters may have already decided the outcome, but there still remains no indication relating to who will take over the White House after the current US president Barak Obama.