Washington DC: Now with just only 48 hours left before America chooses its 45th President, and with Hillary Clinton’s polling lead over Donald Trump having narrowed significantly in recent days, there are no indications of who will finally win the race to the White House.

Bringing out the ground report of the tough competition of the presidential race, NewsX was joined by Raymond E. Vickery (Former assistant Secretary of state of Commerce) and Richard Rossow (Wadhwani Chair in U.S. India Policy Studies).

“I think it is going to be close. It is true it has been the dirtiest and most contested campaign I can recall, also I think Hillary will win”, said Raymond E. Vickery. I’m cautiously optimistic he further added.

Richard Rossow speaking to NewsX said, “I do not know if Trump is reaching out the minorities will work but at the same time he is putting out small buffers”. He further urged all the voters to come out and vote.