New Delhi: With US elections just a day away, there seems to be a lot of excitement and speculation around the polls. So far this has been one of the most strange and bizarre presidential campaigns in the US. 
However, there are a few who have felt the essence of racism in the speeches of supporters of the two rival parties – The Republicans and the Democrats. 
In one such instance, a black woman has uploaded a video of hers while on the way to cast her vote, where she slammed the First Lady Michelle Obama for urging the blacks to unanimously vote for Democrats as they owe their votes to the party.
The black woman in the video seems to be furious about a comment that Michelle Obama made during a TV address. The First Lady, who was recently on TV1, a predominantly black television station, stated that it does not matter who is on the ballot, or who has said what, but that the blacks should vote for the Democrats. The black woman upset by the statement of Michelle Obama said, “My people are no more slaves and so no one owns my vote.” 
The woman who seemed fed up, compared Michelle Obama with the ‘drivers’ on plantations, the superior blacks who used to supervise the black slaves in plantations during the days of slavery. 
Towards the end of the video the woman’s strongly worded statement showed that the blacks form an important part of the electorate and their vote share surely makes a difference. The woman said, “I’m not a slave. I’m valuable. I’m worth someone taking out the time to woo me. My vote is important.” 
She very categorically said, “I’m a black, but I’m not a democrat.” The woman made it clear that she is not voting for Democrats this time. 
The video has gone viral on social media and is making quite a sensation. Watch the video here: