New Delhi: Heard about the 2006 Hollywood action movie ‘Snakes on a Plane’? If no, then this story will give you an idea about it. 
Passengers on an Aeromexico flight in Mexico were taken aback when they saw a snake drop on the floor from the luggage bin of the flight on Sunday. 
The passengers on-board the Aeromexico flight, travelling from the country’s northern city of Torreon to Mexico City, witnessed the green serpent on the ceiling of an overhead luggage compartment. 
The video, shot by one of the passengers Indalecio Medina shows it struggling to come out, as if trapped, before it finally drops down into the cabin. 

Passengers, after seeing the snake, unbuckled themselves. When it once fell on the floor, the passengers trapped it under 5-6 rows of blankets provided to them by the flight attendants. 
After the plane landed in Mexico City, the animal control workers came on board to take the snake into custody. 
Aeromexico, in a statement has said that it has launched an investigation into how the snake entered into the cabin and it would take precautions to ensure that such a thing does not happen again.