New Delhi: The 2016 US Presidential election is all set to become one of the most contentious US presidential election in history, probably because both the candidates are viewed in unfavourable terms by voters in the United States. But apart from breaking many other boundaries, this US election is also set to break all betting records – even that of Brexit.

Reuters reported that by Sunday, roughly $130 million had been traded on who will become the 45th President of the United States. The controversial Brexit referendum (where Britain opted for an exit from the European Union) registered a staggering $159 million on the betting board.

“We think it is because (of) how raw the Brexit (vote) is in people’s minds — they’re not convinced yet that it’s a done deal,” Betfair spokeswoman Naomi Totten said.

Since the US election polls will be closing on Wednesday, it is expected that the betting on the election will break the Brexit record.

The US election, like Brexit, carries enormous suspense as real estate tycoon Donald Trump competes in the poll with Hillary Clinton. If Donald Trump wins the election, it will be similar to how Brexit shocked the entire world, subsequently resulting in a big stock market slump.