New Delhi: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in one of the most contentious US elections in American history. With minorities rooting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and white working class relying heavily on Trump, the results of the election is expected to be divided between the two.

Candidates will have to secure at least 270 electoral votes. Through a winner-take-all system, electoral votes will be counted in 48 states and DC.

What are Swing States? 

A US state where the two major political parties have similar levels of support among voters, viewed as important in determining the overall result of a presidential election.

The key swing states are Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. 

Donald Trump is doing remarkably well, says CNN. 

LIVE updates from US elections 2016:

Hillary Clinton: 218     Donald Trump: 276

1:00 pm: DONALD TRUMP has won the United States election 2016. Trump secured his win by winning Wisconsin 48% to 46%. 

12:55 pm: Hillary Clinton wins in Maine, but that’s not enough to give her the lead over her rival. Maine: Clinton 48%, Trump 45%

12:10 pm: Hillary Clinton has lost in Pennsylvania to Donald Trump, a state with 20 electoral vote. With Michigan already under Trump’s grasp, this election can already be called a victory for the Republicans. Pennsylvania: Trump 48%, Clinton 47% (Trump followed Clinton to overtake the lead)


11:48 am: Hillary Clinton has won in Hawaii, but it seems unlikely now that she will be able to put her step back into the race. Hawaii: Clinton 65%, Trump 47% 

With Pennsylvania and Michigan the only remaining states with considerable electoral votes, the result from the two states will decide in the outcome of the election. 

10:59 am: Hillary Clinton wins Nevada. With the state earlier inching towards Clinton, the majority have swayed towards Hillary’s side. Nevada: Clinton 48%, Trump 45%. 

10:34 am: Trump is quickly inching towards winning the election after clinching the lead over Clinton in Iowa. Iowa: Trump 52%, Clinton 41% 

10:25 am: Trump has secured Utah as expected. His competitors are not even close within a striking distance. Utah: Trump 52%, Clinton 21%

10:10 am: Georgia, which was expected to be Trump’s domain, has voted Republican. Georgia: Trump 51%, Clinton 45%. 

10:07 am: Hillary Clinton seems to have emerged as the winner in Washington which boasts 12 electoral votes. Washington: Clinton 48%, Trump 45% 

10:02 am: Trump was earlier declared the winner in Virginia. But close contest has swung the poll in Hillary’s favour. Virginia: 48% Clinton, 46% Trump. 

09:50 am: Donald Trump sweeps votes in North Carolina, a key swing state which was divided between the two candidates. North Carolina: Trump 51%, Clinton 46%. 

09:46 am: Hillary Clinton has gained a major boost back in the presidential race after winning a nail-biting competition in California, a region which was expected to vote for Democrats. California: Clinton 59%, Trump 35%. 

09:44 am: Trump wins Ohio to gain lead for 270 majority. Ohio: Trump 52%, Clinton 42%. 

09:38 am: Hillary Clinton in comfortable stead as California and Oregon moves in closer to Democrats. Oregon: Clinton 68%, Trump 39%

09:33 am: As said before, Trump has clinched a comfortable win in Idaho with 81% over Clinton’s 10%. 

09:25 am: Trump has won Florida, one of the key swing states in today’s election. With 29 electorates, this is significantly increase Trump’s numbers. Florida: Trump 49%, Clinton 47%. 

09:15 am: Hillary Clinton pulls a close win over Trump in Colorado, a region of independent voters. Colorado: Clinton 48%, Trump 43% 

Trump leading Hillary Clinton in key swing state of Florida. Utah, Idaho and Arizona are all turning towards Trump. 

08:53 am: Hillary Clinton takes the lead in New Mexico, a region with five electorates. New Mexico: Clinton 50%, Trump 39%. 

08:40 am: Montana results are out. Trump has taken the lead again. Montana: Trump 54%, Clinton 38%

08:34 am: Trump wins in Wyoming, a state with 3 electoral votes. Wyoming: Trump 62%, Clinton 27% 

08:00 am: Donald Trump clinches the higher numbers in Louisiana, a state which has voted Republican four times. Louisiana: Trump 66%, Clinton 31%. 




07:58 am: Clinton wins in Connecticut. Clinton has 52% and Trump has 42%. 

07:54 am: As expected, Hillary Clinton has won in New York by a very steep margin. New York: Clinton 76%, Trump 21%. 

07:51 am: Trump gains traction as he wins Nebraska. Nebraska: Trump 51%, Clinton 46%. 

07:49 am: Trump wins in South Dakota, a heavily-white state. South Dakota: Trump 67%, Clinton 26% 

07:47 am: Trump takes the lead in Akansas, a state where Romney won in 2012. Arkansas: Trump 57%, Clinton 37% 

07:44 am: Trump wins big in North Dakota, a Republican-voting state. North Dakota: Trump 71%, Clinton 21% 

07:38 am: Trump trounces Clinton in Kansas, a state which has voted Republican 10 times in the past. Kansas: Trump 50%, Clinton 43% 

07:35 am: Trump gains a close lead in Texas, a state with large Hispanic population. Texas: Trump 50%, Clinton 45% 

07:32 am: Clinton clinches win in Illinois, a state which has voted Democrats repeatedly. Illinois: 70 % Clinton, Trump 24% 

07:24 am: Clinton gains comfortable lead over Trump in Misissippi. 62% for Trump and 36% for Clinton. 

07:15 am: Trump leads Clinton in West Virginia. 63% for Trump and 31% Clinton. 

07:10 am: Trump leads in Delaware with 53% over Clinton’s 42%. 

7:07 am: Trump clinches win in New Jersey. Trump 59%, Clinton 37%

07:02 am: Trump emerges as the winner in Alabama. Alabama: Trump 68%, Clinton 29% 

07:00 am: Trump leads Clinton in Virginia. Trump 51%, Clinton 43% 

06:58 am: Clinton leads Trump in Maryland. Clinton: 81%, Trump 15%

06:55 am: Polls close in Rhode Island. Rhode Island: Trump 51.1%, Clinton 44.2%

06:52 am: Polls close in Massachusetts: Clinton 53.6%, Trump 39.1%

06:48 am: Polls close in Tennessee. Trump trounches Hillary Clinton to gain lead. Tennessee: Trump 71.2%, Clinton 25.5%

6:45 am: Trump wins in Oklahoma, a state heavily in favour of Republicans. Oklahoma: Trump 67.1%, Clinton 28.4% 

6:41 am: Trump wins big in South Carolina. The Guardian reports 57.6% in South Carolina for Trump and 39.2% for Clinton. 

6: 34 am: Hillary Clinton gains lead in Ohio and North Carolina. Polls about to close soon. 

6:18 am: Polls close in West Virginia. Republican state in favour of Donald Trump presidency. 

West Virginia: Trump 55.3 %, Clinton 39.0%

5:15 am – Polls close in Indiana and Kentucky and Vermont: Donald Trump wins in Indiana with 11 electoral colleges and Kentucky with 8 electoral college votes. Hillary leads in Vermont with 3. 

Kentucky: Trump 60.6%, Clinton 46.6%  Indiana: Trump 60.5%, Clinton 34.8%  Vermont: 55.0% Trump, 38.5% Clinton 

5: 35 am – Polls close in 6 states.