New Delhi: JJ Holmes a 12-year-old boy with cerebral palsy never expected that his being turned out of a Donald Trump rally would prove to be a golden chance for him to meet the United States President Barack Obama. 
JJ Holmes had disdain for US Presidential candidate Donald Trump, who mocked a disabled reporter last year. Since then, he had been searching for Trump events and wanted to attend one. He wanted to go because Trump made fun of disabled people. 
On Saturday, JJ’s mother, Alison Holmes finally fulfilled his wish and took him to a Trump rally in Tampa, Florida. His mother said that JJ had recorded chants, such as ‘Dump Trump’ and ‘Trump mocks the disabled’ in his device. He turned the device on once he was in the premises where the rally was being held. 
According to the leading TV channel Fox News, Trump after hearing the chants spoke out from the stage, “Oh, we have a Hillary Clinton person. Are they paying that person USD 1,500? Get him out, please. Get him out”. 
Following this, the Trump supporter started pushing JJ’s wheelchair and soon after he and his mother were escorted out of the venue. 
The boy, while coming out said that he wished to meet Obama someday, which was overheard by a reporter covering Trump’s event. The reporter then called Valentina Pereda, the Florida press secretary for the Clinton campaign. He was also the White House deputy director for Hispanic media. 
Pereda offered JJ and his mother to attend Clinton’s rally in Kissimmee, Florida, held on Sunday. This was chosen because Obama was scheduled to deliver one of the final speeches of the campaign at the event. 
Pereda led JJ and Alison to the VIP area near the stage where the 12-year-old got a chance to fulfil his dream of meeting President Obama. 
After Obama’s speech ended, Pereda’s friend took JJ to the side that separated the crowd from the stage. There, Obama shook JJ’s hand and also posed for a photo with him.