New Delhi: With the results of the US Presidential election 2016 almost out, and the vote count showing Republican candidate Donald Trump leading over the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, one would definitely ponder upon how the new US President would influence the relationship between India and the United States of America. 
Irrespective of any of the influential candidates securing Presidential position of the States, it is surely going to affect India’s ties with the country, be it negative or positive. 
Let’s have a look at how any win — Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton — affect India: 
With Hillary Clinton as the President, there may be a more open policy or system in place for foreign students/university partnerships. 
America, under Hillary’s rule may turn out to be more trade friendly with India, assuming that the current trade trends continue to be followed.
Not specifically to Indians, but it’s being speculated that Hillary Clinton would emerge as a more migrant friendly President than Trump.
It is expected that Hillary would continue the policies that are currently being followed by President Barack Obama. 
It is expected that Hillary may continue international grants, including to India as well. 
Donald Trump, as is evident from his campaign speeches, it is assumed would be inclined to go ahead with his anti-outsider approach. 
Trump is being seen as introducing more tax breaks for making investments in the US.
Trump might be seen as being soft towards Indians, but he may not be that migrant friendly. 
Trump is expected to reduce international grants under his presidentship. 
Let’s also have a look at what is at stake for India?
Investment by US in ‘Make in India’.
Help from US for India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) bid.
US support for India against terrorism endorsed by Pakistan. 
Partnership with US to balance China. 
Availability of US research for ‘cleaner technology’.