New Delhi: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has managed to do the unthinkable, this ‘outsider’ has managed to woo American voters after winning the US Election 2016 for the position of the 45th President of the United States.

As per the numbers coming up, Donald Trump leads 276-218 against Hillary Clinton and it is almost certain that he will claim the stake to the White House.

Despite vehement campaigns from the ruling President of the United States, Barack Obama, and strong celebrity endorsements, Democratic nominee and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to win one of the most contentious, and now one of the most controversial, presidential race in American history.


An America divided

Before the elections, it was perceived that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represented two themes in America’s progress towards becoming a stronger nation. However, Trump’s soar in today’s election has come unprecedented as he is perceived to be a candidate absolutely ‘unsuitable’ to be in control of the nuclear codes.

Trump’s vitriolic criticisms of the people in the top of the pyramid have made him extremely popular among middle-class white American workers. Clinton’s ‘shady’ dealings in Wall Street and her intimacy with Goldman Sachs have all worked against her in this election.

The Email Scandal that never died

Despite clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pertaining to the exchange of confidential emails through a private server, the email scandal has overshadowed Hillary’s campaign. Trump even said in a debate that he would lock Clinton up in prison if he becomes the President of the United States. Wikileaks relentlessly released deleted emails of Hillary Clinton, putting the Democratic candidate into more jeopardy.

Trump’s stringent promises against illegal immigrants

Trump’s rhetoric of blaming outsiders for rise in crimes in the United States should have drawn heavy censure, both in the media and in the polls. However, his ‘wall for Mexico’ and Muslim immigrant comments have largely left him unscathed in this final result. His attacks on minorities seem to have deterred his chances little.

Cop brutality

Repeated instances of police brutality on minorities, especially African-American communities, have shaped the narrative of the 2016 US election. While Clinton has condemned police brutality, Trump has defended the police and has said that more police will be deployed in the inner cities to ensure proper vigilance.


Throughout the election, Trump has maintained obscurity about how he will tax the one percent in the United States economy. He has refused to reveal his tax returns saying he will only do it after Hillary reveals her deleted emails. Albeit he has reiterated himself on his taxation policy, Trump’s best description till date remains ‘very beautiful’.

Gun control

Trump has maintained that instead of taking guns off of the street, he will support the Second Amendment which gives an individual the right to bear arms. He has promised to expand mental health programs to keep the violent mentally off of the streets.

Many say that Trump’s presidency will completely cast a shadow on Obama’s legacy — eight years in the White House. Trump will be giving his concessional speech shortly after the result.