Washington: Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead surged above 1.72 million on Sunday night, with millions of votes still to count.
Clinton’s lead keeps rising on her strength in California, where her margin stands at 29% points, up from President Obama’s 23% points 2012, The New York Times reported.
However, she has failed to close the gap in any of the swing states she lost. Trump’s lead in Michigan has dwindled to 11,612 votes.
Florida certified its results on Sunday, sealing Trump’s margin of victory at 1.2% points. Third-party candidates in Florida easily took enough votes to swing the results.
Meanwhile, Americans seem prepared to give Trump a chance. A new poll found that 46% of registered voters view the president-elect favourably, the same number that see him unfavorably.
Just before the election, 37% of voters viewed him favourably, while 61% viewed him unfavourably.