Yulin has one of the largest incidents of rabies in the world, a report said. The world has definitely extended its hatred towards one of the cruelest festivals of China, Yulin festival and concerns that it could spark a rabies wave.

What is Yulin Festival?

The malicious celebration that begins this weekend in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang revolves around the stolen animals that are burnt alive, boiled and slaughtered in open streets for consumption. It is celebrated on June 22 every day. The public torture is a part of the ‘brutal’ fun; some choose to run over the cars on pets, tear them into pieces while some smash them publicly with hammers.

Traditionally, around 10, 000 of cats and dogs are packed into crowded cages and driven to an area over long distances with no food and water. They often suffer from the painful side-effects that come from the poisoned used to catch hold of them. 

These innocent breeds are forced to see the horror of other animals being beaten to death and thrown in the de-hairing machines before being slaughtered. 
Reports tell that the festival is certainly not a tradition but were invented by the dog-meat traders for improving business. Even though the practice started in 1990s, the consumption of dogs in China is thought to predate written history.

According to a Hong Kong-based NGO Animals Asia, up to 10 million dogs are slaughtered in China for consumption each year. 

Ill Effects of the Festival

What is actually ignored by the heartless festival lovers is the infectious diseases harboured by these dejected animals. Sick animals or the ones who are on the verge of dying, transported in overcrowded dirty conditions can easily transfer illness to each other and human beings around. The Californian animal rights group said Yulin risked a ‘SARS-like’ outbreak of disease, a media report said. 

Yulin Festival Banned

17 men were pleaded guilty for trading in tons of toxic dogs’ meat which ended up on dinner plates in restaurants between 2012 and 2013 in Zhejiang two months ago. 
According to Shanghaiist, they had killed 95 dogs in Ningbo city by poisoning them with cyanide or by injecting them with anaesthetic needles.

While the city government had proved strange resistant to the criticisms of its barbaric ‘festival of cruelty’, in 2011, Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival was barred for killing hundreds dogs within days. But in the same year in Yulin, 15,000 animals were butchered.

However, the event was pulled down last year due to the international pressure and authorities said this year’s butchery would be called off. Still, an undercover raid by Humane Society International’s Peter Li last month revealed preparations continuing like before with only without the festival’s old name.

Few people in the country believe that the celebrations this year have started early to hide out from international criticism. 

Animal Protection Law in China

 Even though there are no animal protection laws in China, the pressure from international organizations, media and celebrities such as Ricky Gervais is increasing to end the brutal activity. 
The fight is on to end the practice as an extraordinary social media campaign has started lately against the event with hashtag #StopYulin2015. It was top trending on Twitter where people have signed the petition to stand against the performance of this event.