RIYADH:  Al Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy SEALS in 2011 and his son Abdullah bin Laden reportedly asked the United States for a death certificate.

A letter has been released by WikiLeaks on Thursday demanding the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia to share the death certificate of the al-Qaeda mastermind. 

In its response, the embassy has said that they do not have the death certificate of the older Laden.

The letter further asked for other ways that could confirm the death of Osama officially. 

The controversial secret sharing organization controlled by Julian Assange, WikiLeaks brought the remarkable exchange into limelight and the letter leaked is among about 70,000 documents dubbed “The Saudi Cables”.

The response from the US Embassy is also mentioned within the document that dated September 9, 2011, four months after Osama bin Laden was killed by the US forces.

Believing the claims made by US officials, after he was killed; Laden was then buried at sea. Also, the request to publish photographs of bin Laden’s body or burial have as well been denied to be published and any images taken of the death are assumed to be destroyed.

In its response to junior Laden, Consul General at the US Embassy in Riyadh, Glen Keiser explained that the lack of a death certificate for bin Laden is ‘consistent with regular practice for individuals killed in the course of military operations.’

Keiser further explained that criminal cases against the al-Qaeda Chief had dropped because of his death in June, 2011 and describes a process for requesting the order of ‘nolle prosequi’ (which exactly means ‘unwilling to pursue’) from the court, which could act as proof of death.

“I hope that these US government documents are of assistance to you and your family,” he added.

The reason for Abdullah bin Laden seeking a death certificate of his father is yet not clear.

The Ladens are a prominent business family in Saudi.

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