New Delhi: Before Donald Trump’s startling election win, adult film star Mia Khalifa had said she would offer free oral sex to the Trump supporters if he won.

It was a safe bet at that time because there was a little hope for a real estate mogul who made fiery speeches against particular races to become the President of United States.

The 23-year-old sex starlet made the vow a week before the election.

After Trump took over as the President, there have been ripples on social media about Mia Khalifa’s promise. People are wondering whether she will fulfil her promise or not.

Mia made this promise while responding to Madonna’s offer of oral to Hillary Clinton backers.  

The star is yet to respond to her promise.

Khalifa has recently taken a step back from the world of porn and is refashioning herself as a sports journalist. With more than one million Twitter followers and another 300,000 on Instagram, she frequently airs her views on sports.


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