This is the reason why there is no one like a mother when situation turns bad for her children. A heartbreaking incident has surfaced where a mom died in a house fire but somehow managed to save the life of her newborn daughter in Wyoming, Illinois.

According to reports, fighting like a ‘supermom’, a 21-year-old mother saved her daughter’s life by strapping her baby into a car seat and dropping her out of a second-floor window.

A fire in the house caused the mother to save her newborn in those circumstances but sadly she couldn’t save herself.

Further reports reveal that the mother died from inhalation of smoke and could not save herself from the blaze.

The baby girl was found by firefighters. She is being taken care of by her relatives.

The brave 21-year-old mom called 911 and informed them that she was stuck on the second-floor of her house that was on fire. However, the cause of the fire has not been identified as yet.

This tragic incident shocked the locals who said that words cannot express this sad event.