At least 50 people have lost their lives in a series of avalanches that struck Afghanistan in a span of last three days.

The provincial governor, Hafiz Abdul Qayyum, said that the rescue operations are facing an uphill task as the affected areas are completely blocked and cut-off due to the avalanches. “It is very difficult for us to send support, but we are trying our best, ” added Hafiz Abdul Qayyum.

In one of the avalanche strike on Sunday, an entire village is believed to have have been wiped out. Initial reports suggest a loss of 50 lives in the northeastern Nuristan province of Afghanistan.

Earlier on Saturday, another 54 people had died in two different avalanches in the northern and central Afghan provinces.

The death toll so far is tentative and is expected to rise once the rescue teams reach are able to access the entire avalanche hit areas.

Afghanistan has been facing a severe cold wave in the past week and has seen an unprecedented snowfall in quite a while.