Taking place in Maryland, United States, a 4-year-old infant child was killed by her 20-year-old mother for not brushing teeth.

Police discovered the lifeless body of Nohely Alexandra Martinez Hernandez when her mother, Iris Hernandez-Rivas, reported the incident over the phone.

The mother told the police that her daughter had gone to take shower in the bathroom and was found lying unconscious in the bathtub fifteen minutes later. Instead of calling emergency care immediately, Rivas purportedly waited for an hour before dialling 911.

Doctors later discovered multiple bruises on the body of Alexandra, pointing towards the fact that she had been physically assaulted multiple times by her mother. They also found that Alexandra was suffering from head trauma.

Police report later said that Rivas kicked her daughter in the abdomen because she had not brushed her teeth. Alexandra hit her head on the wall after being kicked.

Rivas has been charged with first-degree child abuse and first-degree assault.