A Danish student who fought against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has been taken into custody in Copenhagen by the Danish government. She has been put in jail for defying authorities who banned her from fighting IS.

Joanna Palani, a politics student, had trained as a sniper and fought on the frontline against the jihadi groups. But the govt has now imposed a 12-month travel ban on her so that she doesn’t travel back to Syria or Iraq. Her passport has also been confiscated.

Joanna, who dropped out of the college to join the fight against IS says she feels she has lost everything as her own country sees her as a terrorist now.

In an interview with the Mail Online, Joanna said she risked her life so that everyone in Europe can be safe but now she is labeled as a criminal.

“I was willing to give up my life and my freedom to stop Isis advancing, so that everyone in Europe can be safe. This was my choice. But I am seen as a terrorist by my own country.”

Joanna had broken strict anti-terror laws to return back to Syria last year.

“I am sorry I had to break the travel ban [imposed on me], but I felt I had no choice. I did not expect to lose almost everything for fighting for the safety of the same country which is now trying to take my freedom,” she said.

The 23-year-old also said that Danish government was trying to set an example of her in court by publicly saying that she is just the same as IS.

“The Danish government is trying to set an example of me in court so they can say publicly that I am just the same as ISIS, but I am not a criminal,” she added.

Joanna was arrested in December last year and is under constant threat from the fanatics who want to capture her and turn her into a sex slave.