United States President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that the US is in the process of designing the wall on its southern border with Mexico.

While addressing conference of County Sheriffs at the White House Mr Trump said, “The wall is getting designed right now. A lot of people say, ‘Oh, oh, Trump was only kidding with the wall.’ I wasn’t kidding. I don’t kid. I don’t kid.”

“The wall which was my major poll promise is essential to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drug pouring into the country from across the border,” President Trump added.

“I watch this, and they say I was kidding. Nah, I don’t kid. I don’t kid about things like that, I can tell you. No, we will have a wall. It will be a great wall and it will do a lot of — it’ll be a big help,” he said.

“Just ask Israel about walls. Do walls work? Just ask Israel. They work, if it’s properly done. It’s time to dismantle the gangs terrorising our citizens. It is time to ensure every young American can be raised in an environment of decency, dignity, love and support,” he said.

Earlier in January, Trump had said that the US would initially pay for the wall and that Mexico would later reimburse the costs. Sources, however, say that the Congress could prove to be a hindrance in Trump’s plan in the Senate and House of Representatives.

As per reports, Mexican President Peña Nieto met with Mr Trump in September and after the meeting he said, “I made it clear that Mexico will not pay for the wall.”

The US-Mexican border is nearly 2,000 miles long‚ running from all the way from in the California in the east to Texas in the west.

On January 25, Trump signed an executive order telling officials to begin to plan, design and construct a physical wall on Mexico border.