The Indian Embassy on Friday confirmed that Chinese soldier Wang Qi, who was stranded in India since 1962, will finally return home on Saturday. Wang has been living in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh with his wife and children.

Shortly after the war of 1962, Indian soldiers captured Wang for entering enemy territory. However, once captured, Wang was later released from the jail.

Balaghat Collector Bharat Yadav, while addressing the media about the development said that Wang and his four family members got visa on Friday and that they might fly to China on Saturday.

Wang’s situation came to light when a delegation from the Chinese Embassy met Wang. The Ministry of Home and External Affairs then decided to intervene to help his family find their way back home.

Wang lives with his wife and three children in Tirodi area of Balaghat district and has not been able to visit China because of lack of permission from the Indian government.

Albeit Wang was given a Chinese passport by the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi 2013, his wife and children were Indian citizens which meant that it would not be possible for Wang to move with his family.

“In 2013, the embassy issued a 10-year Chinese passport to him and started giving him a living allowance every year. I believe that with the joint efforts of China and India, and respecting the will of Wang Qi himself, the case will be properly solved,” Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said.