Bringing jobs back into the United States has been one of Donald Trump’s promises to American voters. On Thursday, when President Trump called two dozen manufacturing CEOs to the White House to discuss restoring factory jobs lost to foreign competition, the exchange of suggestions that followed disconcerted Trump a bit perhaps.

Many of the CEOs said that there were plenty of job openings in US factories but the main problem for employers came when it was about ‘skill’. The CEOs urged Trump to support vocational training for the high-tech skills that are mandatorily required for the complex positions.

“The jobs are there, but the skills are not,” one of the chief executives said during the meeting.

For Trump, this suggestion would entail for a close scrutiny of how the American government can invest in refurbishing the career crossroad for American students. As it will follow, the focus will land on the need for affordable college education for the average American student.

“We were challenged by the president to come up with a program to make sure the American worker is trained for the manufacturing jobs of tomorrow, said a White House correspondence.

Trump has been increasingly critical of countries like China and Mexico which he believes has ‘stolen’ jobs from the United States.

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