The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) last month made seven of their passengers travel standing in the aisles of the plane all the way from Karachi to Medina, Saudi Arabia.

As per reports, although the plane was allowed to carry 409 passengers, there were 416 onboard flight PK743.  The computerised list of passengers did not mention the name of the extra travellers and were later issued handwritten boarding pass which created the confusion and led to the quarrel for seats when the Boeing 777 was about to takeoff.

This incident triggered a probe as carrying additional passengers on a plane is a serious breach of safety regulations.

While talking to Dawn, the captain of the flight, Anwar Adil said that he learned about the extra only after takeoff. He was quoted saying, “I had already left and the senior purser (cabin crew) did not point out extra passengers before closing the aircraft door. Therefore, after takeoff, immediate landing back in Karachi was not possible.”

“It may be appreciated that immediate landing in Karachi after takeoff required a lot of fuel dumping, which was not in the interest of the airline,” he added.

While talking to BBC, Danyal Gilani, a spokesman for PIA was quoted saying, “The matter is under investigation and appropriate action will be taken once responsibility is fixed.”