Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada trolled US President Donald Trump’s first joint address to Congress.

Continuing his war on Trump, Quesada said: “Trump condemning hate and evil; then he should start by example and take back his hateful words.”

The former leader took to Twitter on Tuesday night to offer his own commentary on Trump’s address to the joint session. Without holding back, Quesada said: “What will America look like after @realDonaldTrump? That’s up to you, US citizens, WAKE UP TODAY.”

In a series of tweets, Quesada also said that rebuilding of the US would come after Trump (leaves office). “Let’s hope he doesn’t leave a big mess. AMERICA don’t let him bully you.”

He said: “America is waking up! Stay united, question everything, act bravely. @realDonaldTrump is NOT the nation, the country belong to the people.”

He also posted a caricature of Trump, walled in with his “ignorance”, “lies”, “racism”, “fear” saying that was the wall that Mexicans’ would pay for.

The former Mexican head of state has been bitterly opposing Trump’s idea of the boundary wall between the two neighbours. He has also labelled it a ‘racist monument’.

In January, Quesada even raised questions over Trump’s legitimacy. Then also he took to the social media platform to express his anger as he said: “Losing election by more than three million votes and in addition this (the boundary wall). Are you a legitimate President?”

Following a bitter and abusive spat on twitter, Trump had also retorted back with the wall ‘just got 10 feet taller’.

Current Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has also made it clear that Mexico will not fund the wall.

During the deeply divided presidential campaign in the US, Trump’s website, in a 664 word plan, stated that Mexico would pay for the wall or the US would block wire transfers to the country. The site had also stated there would be higher visa fees as a cash source.

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