An 11-year-old girl from Pakistan has written a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi extending her wishes for his unprecedented victory in Uttar Pradesh and further urging him to establish peace between India and Pakistan.

Student of 5th class at Cathedral School in Lahore, Adeeqat Naveed wrote the letter in her own handwriting which read, “Once my father told me that winning of hearts is a marvellous job. Perhaps you have won the hearts of Indian people, therefore you won the election in UP. But I must tell you if you want to win more Indian and Pakistani hearts, you should take steps towards friendship and peace.”

Further stressing on the friendship between the two countries, the little girl went on to write, “Both countries need good relations. Let’s make a peace bridge between India and Pakistan. Let’s decide that we will not buy bullets, will buy books. We will not buy the guns, will buy the medicine for the poor people.”

The daughter of a professor has written letters on different subjects to many other political figures of India like Nitish Kumar and Sushma Swaraj, in the past.

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