A moment of pride for all Indians, as a British dealer has recently sold a set of stamps featuring India’s Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi for a record price. It’s a 1948 stamp strip of Mahatma Gandhi which has been sold for a whooping 5,00,000 Pounds (over Rs 4 crore).

According to the British dealer Stanley Gibbons, who sold the unique four ten-rupee stamps strip said that it was considered as one of the most important and desirable item of post-Indian independence era.

The stamps are emblazoned with the word ‘SERVICE’ and were used by the then governor general’s secretariat for official use.

The British dealer has sold unique Mahatma Gandhi’s 1948 purple-brown stamps to an Australian investor.

Around the world, people are very fascinating about postage collection and have spent millions of rupees to follow their unique hobby.

At this era and age, it very interesting that people around the world are still interested in spending crores of rupees to satisfy themselves and continue their passion. 

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