India has registered its strong objections to UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir’s remarks on Kashmir during his visit to Pakistan. During his visit to Pakistan, UNGA President connected Palestine with the Jammu and Kashmir issue, saying it is Pakistan’s responsibility to bring this to the UN Platform more aggressively. Volkan Bozkr is a Turkish diplomat and politician who served as President of the United Nations General Assembly.

This sparked many doubts, as he is required to remain neutral during his one-year time in office. Giving such a comment in Pakistan, however, calls into doubt not only his morality, but also his understanding of the Kashmir situation. In a sharply worded statement, the Ministry of External Affairs dismissed his “unwarranted references” to Jammu and Kashmir, calling the remarks unacceptable. When the President of the United Nations General Assembly makes inaccurate and prejudiced remarks, he does a great damage to the office he holds, the statement stated, adding that his conduct is genuinely regretful and undoubtedly weakens his stature on the global platform.

According to Dawn, Bozkir claimed that there was a lack of political will to resolve the Kashmir dispute in comparison to the Palestinian conflict, despite the fact that both have been raging for almost as long. The remarks will be interpreted as a breach of the President of the General Assembly’s code of ethics, which is outlined in Annex XI (a) and established in Resolution 70/305 of September 2016. “The President shall exercise his or her duties and obligations in an impartial and equitable way, as well as with complete honesty and good faith,” the Annex states in paragraph 2.

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