In yet another incident of racial attack, an Indian man and his pregnant wife claimed that they were subjected to a racist tirade by a woman at Luna Park in Sydney. The incident happened on April 22.

Utsav Patel, 33, had gone to the park with his 15-week pregnant wife and daughter. His daughter insisted on a joyride and to help his wife find a place to sit, he asked the woman to move a bit. But this made the woman angry and she started verbally abusing him.

When the man re-approached her, she copied his accent and said “I don’t like them. “Go f*#4 yourself,” she yelled.

When the couple threatened to report the incident to the authorities, she arrogantly said, “What’s security going to do? I can say whatever I like, get f***ed”.

Utsav Patel filmed the whole incident on his phone and said he was stunned with the woman’s behaviour.