Tensions between India and Pakistan have once again escalated after bodies of two Indian Jawans were found mutilated by the Pakistan army following a ceasefire violation along the Line of Control (LoC) in Poonch sector.

Speaking exclusively to NewsX US Congressman Ted Poe, who chairs the House of Foreign Affairs sub committee on terrorism, hit out at Pakistan and said that it should be declared a sponsor of terrorism.

“Mutilation of Indian soldiers is to heighten tensions … Pak should be called out for its acts and support of terrorism,” Ted Poe added. 

“Pakistan is fomenting trouble in Kashmir through proxies. The United States should get closer to India and leverage it against Islamabad,” Ted Poe said. 

“Pakistan supports terrorist organisations and is sponsoring terrorist activities in Kashmir. US should work with India to ease the tensions in the region,” the US Congressman mentioned. 

“Pakistan should be removed as a major non #NATO ally. Another thing that US needs to do is to cut back on money that we give to Pakistan,” Ted Poe  further added.

The Indian army has condemned the unprovoked attacks and inhuman act of Pak’s B.A.T team. But the general across the border resorts to lies. Pakistan claimed that their braves were martyred in crossfire and turned a blind eye to their mutilation.

Reacting on the incident, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley termed the killing of two Indian soldiers and mutilation of their bodies as a “barbaric” and “inhuman” act and said the Indian Army will take necessary action. 

Indian Army’s Vice Chief Sarath Chand also said that the mutilation of bodies of two Indian soldiers shows Pakistan’s “frustration” and they will have to take responsibility for the act and face the consequences.

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