Algeria on Sunday reiterated the commitment of Libya’s neighbouring nations to continue their efforts in a bid to help warring parties in Libya to restore peace and reach national reconciliation.

“The political agreement reached in 2015 between Libyan warring parties in Morocco should be the corner stone for sustainable resolution to the Libyan crisis,” Xinhua quoted Algerian Minister for Maghreb Affairs, Arab League and African Union, Abdelkader Messahel, as saying.

“Libya’s neighbouring nations are committed to help Libyans to reach final solution to their crisis, and this commitment should not be seen as interference in Libya’s affairs,” Messahel noted.

For his part, Kobler stressed “the key role of Libya’s neighbouring nations in restoring peace and security to this North African country. He noted “that the 11th ministerial meeting of Libya’s neighbouring countries is a great opportunity to boost peace process there.”

The UN official added that the international community has to make more efforts to help Libyans regain peace and stability, stressing “Libyans themselves have been requiring support for the settlement of their crisis.”

Algiers on Monday will host a meeting of Libya’s neighbouring nations to assess developments and discuss the peace process there.