Fresh protests have been reported from Kotli area of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) against Pakistan. In the video protesters are seen sloganeering against Pakistan and demanding ‘Azadi’ from the Pakistani establishment.

As per reports, in a conference that was organised by Kashmir National Awami Party (KANP) and National Students Federation (NSF) protesters chanted ‘Azaadi’ slogans against Pakistan. Time and again human rights are being violated by Pakistan in the PoK region.

Earlier on April 24, hundreds of people in Kotli hit the streets to protest against forcible land grabbing by the Pakistan Army.

In recent times, Pok has witnessed a series of protests against the Nawaz Sharif government for the ongoing violation of human rights in the area.

Geeta Mohan of NewsX  who reported about the protests said, “While Pakistan claims that there is no human rights violation and oppression in Pok which Pakistani calls as their land, these protests clearly show Pakistan rule PoK. The puppet government in PoK is under the Pakistani regime and military. Hence the protests  prove this cannot continue anymore and the people in PoK want freedom from the clutches of Pakistan.”