Pakistani lawyers on Saturday gave a seven-day ultimatum to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign on the Panama Papers scandal, failing which they will launch a nationwide movement against him.

A joint statement by the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and the Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) said that they would launch a countrywide movement against Nawaz Sharif if he doesnt resign within seven days. They said Pak PM Nawaz Sharif should no longer hold his office.

The move comes after a case against Nawaz Sharif emerged in the Panama Papers case last year.

Pakistan PM’s alleged wrongdoing came to light as part of a massive leak of secret files from a Panamanian law firm that specialises in setting up offshore companies in tax havens. A trove of 11.5 million digital records from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca last year revealed how many of the world’s wealthy used offshore companies to stash assets.

According to the Panama Papers, three of Sharif’s four children — Maryam, Hasan and Hussain — were owners of offshore companies and “were owners or had the right to authorise transactions for several companies”. But Sharif and his family have dismissed the allegations of money laundering and denied any wrongdoing.