Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif suffered a ‘shameful’ political denture on Sunday when at the anti-terror summit in Riyadh, he was disallowed from speaking about terrorism. The event was attended by United States President Donald Trump and the King of Saudi Arabia.

Nawaz, who had purportedly prepared a long speech on terrorism, was not allowed to speak at the event despite some smaller countries voicing their own concerns about terrorism. For Pakistan, who has been decrying India’s handling of the Kashmir issue, the disallowance comes as a testament to its duplicity on terrorism.

“The popular sentiment among the majority of Pakistani media delegation was that of a total humiliation of the sole Muslim nuclear power because not only there was no mention of Islamabad’s role against global terrorism but also the prime minister of the ‘frontline state’ was denied the opportunity to put forth its point of view,” Pakistan-based ‘The Nation’ said about the event.

On top of that, Donald Trump mentioned US, India, Russia and China as countries affected by terrorism. He refrained from mentioning Pakistan in the fray; perhaps alluding to the fact that state-sponsored terrorism seethes in Pakistan.

The International Court of Justice recently passed a verdict that stayed the execution of Indian national Kulbhushan Jadhav who Pakistan has accused of being a spy.