Two persons suspected of belonging to a jihadist cell with links to Islamic State (IS) terrorist group were arrested here on Tuesday.

The two men, aged 43 and 22, were alleged to have strong links to a cell that recruited, radicalised and trained would-be terrorists for suicide attacks.

The Spanish police said the men, both Moroccans, were suspected of being “cyber soldiers” involved in over 100 internet sites aimed at training IS members to carry out attacks, including video tutorials on how to make homemade explosives.

The police said the pair had “become dangerously radicalised” after exposure to “websites and videos designed to train combatants to launch attacks in Europe following the modus operandi in attacks carried out in the UK, Germany, Belgium and France”.

“The two suspects spent most of their time on computers at home, rarely went out or mixed socially, but were in constant contact with each other,” said a police official.