US President Donald Trump expressed his satisfaction with the agreement in favour of free trade that was reached at the G7 Summit, and in particular with the efforts to halt practices that distort global trade.

“Just left the #G7Summit. Had great meetings on everything, especially on trade,” Trump said on Twitter on Saturday, Efe news reported.

The US President noted in a second tweet that in the final statement approved by the world leaders, “we push for the removal of all trade-distorting practices….to foster a truly level playing field”.

Trump said that he’s waiting for the analysis of the steel and aluminum industries that the US Department of Commerce plans to publish in June.

“Will take major action if necessary,” Trump warned.

In a third tweet, the president said he had no doubt he’ll return to the US loaded with “hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“Bringing hundreds of billions of dollars back to the USA from the Middle East – which will mean JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!” the president wrote on his Twitter profile.

The G7 leaders committed themselves Saturday to the fight against protectionism and to defending the opening of markets after the United States overcame its reluctance to include that condition in the final statement, which the leaders signed and sealed at the end of the two-day summit in the Sicilian city of Taormina.

The statement also includes the determination to control the overcapacity of the steel industry worldwide and its basic causes, a matter that particularly involves China.