Moscow : Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a bylaw approving the establishment of five marine terminals throughout the country’s eastern and western borders to meet its need for energy transportation, the government’s official website said on Friday.

Three terminals will be located in eastern Russia’s Primorsky Kray region. 

The one in Khazansky district will be used for transferring coal with a projected freight turnover of 20 million tonnes per year, Xinhua news agency reported. 

Another one in Vostok Bay will transfer petrochemical cargoes with an annual turnover of 21 million tonnes. The third one will transfer liquefied natural gas.

Another marine terminal used for transferring coal will be constructed in Khabarovsky Kray, which borders Primorsky Kray in the north.

In the west, a fifth terminal will be built at the seaport of Visotsk in Leningrad Oblast to produce and transfer liquefied natural gas. Its annual transport capability is expected to be 661 thousand tonnes.

The terminals are part of a government plan with federal significance.

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