In one of the most terrifying incident that exposes how patience-less people have become when they are not served upto their expectations. A repugnant case has surfaced in Georgia, US, where a couple created ruckus at Qwik Chik take away, brutally beaten the owner and her daughter.

According to reports, the incident took place when the couple complaint to the owner about the food they ordered was served with less fries and cold chicken.

After discussing the matter with the couple, the owner returned couple’s money but that didn’t satisfied them.

They became unbelievably violent, insensitive and started beating on to the windows of the take away.

What further ignited the situation and made the couple more aggressive when the restaurateur informed them that she had called the police and was on its way.

The bully woman stoop so down that she slapped and punched the owner. The situation turned even worse when the take away owner’s 15-year-old daughter noticing the developments came to rescue her mother, was also gruesomely punched down by the man.

The local police have taken over the case and investigation was underway. Thought the entire incident was captured on the surveillance video, the accused are still on run.

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