In a major crackdown for not acting against terror groups, the United States has now blocked aid worth USD 350 million to Pakistan for not doing enough against the Haqqani network.

The US has decided against the disbursement of coalition support fund to Pakistan after the Defence Secretary informed the Congress that he was not able to certify that Islamabad has taken sufficient actions against the Haqqani network.

The decision has been taken by the US top most authority. The Congress has been informed about the decision and the report will be made public shortly.

In terms of military aide, which is basically the coalition fund that Pakistan, Afghanistan and some other countries receive to fight against terrorism, the US govt has decided that they will not disburse USD 350 million dollars to Pakistan. This is the second time when US has taken such a move against Pakistan. 

The development can be seen as a massive blow for Pakistan as it is heavily depended on military aide by the US to act on terror groups.

This is the third such blow for Pakistan at the international forum. Earlier a few weeks back, US State Department had declared terror group Hizb-ul-Mujahideen’s Syed Salahuddin as a global terrorist. 

Following this, South Korea is also reconsidering the investments and development projects in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir saying that the area was a disputed region.