An Islamic State (IS) leader Abu-Nabil Al-Anbari who was sent to set up its branch in Libya was allegedly caught by a rival Islamist group while fighting for the strategically important Derna, according to an international report. (Also Read: This is how ISIS sexually brutalized the captured women)

The witnesses as per the report informed that Anbari was first stripped and then marched through the streets, taunted, and beaten before being finally executed in front of numerous onlookers.

The scene is believed to be a reminiscent of a Game of Thrones episode in which Cersei Lannister is stripped and led through the town naked and in chains to compensate for her sins. (Also Read: ISIS bans pigeon breeding. According to them, ‘seeing genitals of a bird offends Islam’)

The public show was created as a deliberate attempt to replicate the atrocious idea of killing people and sharing gruesome videos which ISIS has become famous for. 

The ‘walk of shame’ and subsequent execution of the ISIS leader reportedly by a rival Islamic group were done to send a message to the locals that those who support the terrorist organization are likely to face the same chance.

ISIS has been gaining a major traction in Libya because of the political instability in the region and the Derna has been a big ground for terrorist groups trying to get bigger control in Libya.

“We continue to closely monitor the deteriorating security situation in Libya, which is being exploited by ISIS and several other terrorist organizations,” a US intelligence official reported to The Daily Beast.

While many believed that the ISIS commander deserved this for his deeds, there are many others who feel that this is no kind of justice that should be offered to any humankind.


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