The military on Monday took over the parliament in Maldives on the orders of the country’s President Yameen Abdul Yameen, opposition parties alleged. The gates of the Parliament were padlocked by the members of the armed forces and lawmakers were forcibly prevented from entering the parliament premises.

“Military take over completed in the Maldives. Parliament is hijacked by Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF),” MP Ali Waheed tweeted.

The Maldivian opposition alleged that the military locked down the Parliament to prevent lawmakers from taking part in a vote to impeach the parliamentary speaker Abdulla Maseeh Mohamed.

A no-confidence vote against Speaker Abdulla was due to take place on July 24, but the motion was thrown out after the disqualification of four ex-ruling party lawmakers deemed to have fallen foul of a new anti-defection rule imposed by the Supreme Court.

The members protested in front of the parliament gate by lying down there but later, they were thrashed out of the premises by the security forces. They called Yameen’s action “desperate, illegal and unconstitutional.”

The Maldives Police had warned that the opposition alliance will not be allowed to stage an anti-government demonstration in Malé on Monday.

Earlier also the Madivian president was arrested in connection with the corruption allegations, following which the army took over the Parliament temporarily.

(With IANS inputs)