In what can be termed as a breach of trust by one’s own husband, a man has been served to 9 years of imprisonment after her wife found out that she was being raped by him in sleep.

The wife found out videos of her husband where he has filmed her raping while she was asleep in their bed. The wife also discovered that her husband’s sexual assault began in September 2016.

As per reports, the victim found out these videos on her husband’s smartphone when he had forgot to take it with him to work.

The wife contacted her husband and said, “I’ve just watched videos of you raping me on your phone.”

It has been reported that the man did not come home and surrendered himself to the police.

After he handed himself to the police, the accused husband said, “I have had sex with my wife. She didn’t consent. She found out and saw videos on my phone.”

During the hearing on the matter at Newcastle Crown Court, his wife said that ever since she has found out, her life and her children’s life has been turned upside down and that he never wanted to her husband again. 

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