Some 30,000 hectares of forests have been completely destroyed after strong winds and thunderstorms hit Poland on the night of August 11. The total loss, however, might be even higher, as reports from many places in Poland are still coming in, Xinhua reported.

“The loss not only concerns trees, but also animals and precious species of plants,” Anna Malinowska, spokesperson of State Forests said, adding that never before had strong winds caused such serious damages to Polish forests.

Some experts estimate that it might take up to two years to set in order the forests, many of which are closed to tourists, as broken branches and tree trunks are still a threat to life.

On the night of August 11, severe thunderstorms hit many regions in Poland, especially Pomerania, Greater Poland and Kuyavia regions.

Violent winds caused serious damage and left six people dead, including two teenage girl scouts who were crushed by falling trees.

On Monday, Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration said that 6,000 families affected by the storms will be provided $8.5 million inaid.