A state-run Chinese media agency, Xinhua News, has been facing a strong backlash from across the world for posting a propaganda video. The video, which was shared from the agency’s official Twitter handle on August 16, is seen taking inflammatory jabs at the minority Sikh community and also making fun of the Indian English accent.

The video, titled as ‘7 sins of India’, shows India in a bad light over the stand-off situation between the militaries of India and China. In the video, a Chinese actor is seen donning a turban with fake beard. The actor sarcastically takes monosyllabic jabs on India’s stand over Doklam and even mocks Indian English accent.

The video — 7 sins of India — claims that both India and International Community have recognised the place as part of China according to the 1890 convention between Great Britain and China relating to Sikkim and Tibet.

The ‘7 sins’ alleged by the Chinese news agency are:

a) Trespassing: On June 18, the armed Indian soldiers marched towards the border troops ‘illegally’ marching towards the undisputed Chinese territory
b) Violating bilateral convention.
c) Trampling International law.
d) Confusing right and wrong.
e) Putting blame on victim.
f) Hacking small neighbour.
g) Sticking to mistake ‘knowingly’.

The video shared on the Twitter official twitter handle was slammed by almost all the leading dailies across the world with BBC terming it ‘flagrantly racist’.