The White House was placed on lockdown on Tuesday after an unidentified package was found near the North lawn of the American President’s residence at around 1:15 PM local time (Washington DC).

The suspicious package was detected at the North lawn area inside the premises of one of the world’s safest residence. The law enforcements officers are currently investigating the package.

The US Secret Service officers cleared the near-by area as soon as the incident was alarmed; pedestrians and other people around the area which is near to the Pennsylvania Avenue have been safeguarded.

Earlier today at around 1:10 PM local time police found a suspicious package on the streets of the US capital and a suspected accused was arrested from the spot. Charges of unlawful entry were registered on the detained.

This comes at a time when US president Donald Trump was not present inside the House. Trump is on his way to Arizona for a check on Border Patrol facility in the province.

This is a developing story, more details are awaited.