The US Marine Corps is expected to assign its first female infantry officer next week. The female officer, whose name was not revealed, is expected to break the major gender barrier and graduate along with her male counterparts on September 25 after completing a 13-week training programme called the Infantry Officer Course, widely seen as one of the toughest trainings in the US military, the service announced on Thursday.

A Washington Post report said 32 women tried and failed as of the spring of 2015 to complete the gruelling combat course, which was opened to women on a research basis in 2012, reports Xinhua news agency.

Another four women, including the officer expected to graduate first, have attempted to complete the course since 2015,.

The news comes almost two years after former Defence Secretary Ash Carter lifted the U.S. military’s last remaining restrictions for women, part of an effort by the Obama administration to make the armed forces fully inclusive.