Tourists with plans to visit the volcanic island of Bali may be left stranded as warnings to the maximum level of four have been raised about an imminent eruption of Mount Agung volcano.

The situation in one of the most popular tourist destinations is being monitored very closely as there have been reports of increasing tremors occurring in the region. 

As per reports by the Indonesian Department of Meteorology, Climate and Geophysics, there has been a couple of small eruptions that have been reported from the volcanic mount. Also around 1,000 meters high ash column has been witnessed.  

However, currently, the airlines are continuing flight operation to the tourist destination. Bali’s international airport in Denpasar is also continuing with normal operations.

While there is a noticeable increase in the seismic activity near the affected region, more than 10,000 people have already been evacuated from the alerted region, and other people have been advised to maintain a minimum difference of around 9Km from the volcanic mount.

Meanwhile, there are more than 20,000 tourists including many of them Australians, which are expected to travel to the alerted region.

An updated warning by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs say that if an eruption takes place, it can also impact air travel in the region.

There are reports that monkeys, snakes and other animals are also leaving the mountain and adjacent area to Mount Agung. The movement of the animals can be taken as a big sign of a possibility of a volcano eruption .

The last volcanic eruption where more than 1000 people died was reported in 1963. Reports say the volcano is still active with a large and very deep crater which occasionally emit smoke and ash.

Mount Agung is among 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia, a region which is also prone to earthquakes. If all reports are turned to be accurate, the volcano can erupt before Sunday morning (September 24).