Termed as the world’s heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty passed away on Monday morning in an Abu Dhabi hospital. According to the doctors who were looking after her, she died after suffering acute complications from heart disease and, kidney dysfunction. She passed away at4:35 AM on Sunday morning at Burjeel Hospital in UAE’s Abu Dhabi.

Ahmed was a citizen of Alexandria, Egypt and was in India earlier this year, where she underwent a weight-loss surgery at Mumbai‘s Saifee Hospital. She succumbed to death just weeks after her 37th birthday.

Ahmed passed away at 4:35 AM on Monday due to “complications from the underlying “comorbid” conditions, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction,” said an email statement released by the Burjeel Hospital. The hospital also expressed condolences for the deceased.

Abdul Atti was admitted at the Burjeel Hospital in April after returning from India and she was under the care of a team of around 20 doctors who looked after her diet, health and everything concerned with her weight.

Her weight was more than 500 kgs and she suffered from a severe chronic problem since she was a child. Eman also came to India in a bid to lose some extra weight and get healthier. Rather her health got deteriorated during the treatment, her sister had alleged voicing up against the Saifee hospital doctors.

The 37-year old Eman, weighted around 500 kg and was dubbed as the “world’s heaviest woman” who had not stepped out of her flat for over 25 years. She was airlifted in a cargo plane from Alexandria to Mumbai on February 11 for her weight loss treatment at the hospital.

The hospital alleged that Shaimaa is not prepared to take back her sister and the fright over Eman’s likely discharge this week has resulted in her outbursts.

“Eman’s weight has gone down miraculously, faster than expected. She now weighs less than 204 kg. If a patient’s treatment is over, we can’t unnecessarily keep her in hospital,” said Huzaifa Sahebi, the COO of Saifee Hospital which treated her free of cost.

Joining the debate, the bariatric surgery section chief Aparna Govil-Bhasker termed Shaimaa’s allegations as “the worst kind of assault that a patient’s family can do to a doctor”.

Her family, however, have appreciated the efforts put on by the Burjeel Hospital staff in helping her lose weight. They have also expressed gratitude towards the people of UAE for their support.